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The companies that survive longest are the ones that work out what they uniquely can give to the world-not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy.

–Charles Handy

The Start.

The Vivify Group was founded by three technology veterans after the boutique IT service provider they worked for was acquired by a large corporation.

Unwilling to sacrifice the personalized customer service she’d provided to clients, Vivify owner and CEO Amy Weaver let loose on the vision she’d had for some time. She decided to build her own technology service company on a foundation of dedicated customer service, superior communication and exceptional technology expertise. 

And she knew just whom she wanted to bring with her on this journey. Amy approached former co-workers Brittany Ulleseit and Cory Austin and pitched her idea. They jumped onboard as cofounders of the Vivify Group.


The company name?  Vivify means “to give new life or energy.” And that’s exactly what the Vivify Group wants to do for you.

Building an extraordinary culture within Vivify translates to providing your company with an improved technology experience. Amy, Brittany and Cory know firsthand the frustration of lackluster tech support. The Vivify Group wants your company to see what it’s like to be supported by a team that is passionate about helping people. 

In addition to exceptional support services, the Vivify Group doesn’t employ a cookie cutter approach to all clients. Specialized solutions are created for each client based on need.  No customer pays for unneeded services.

As Amy points out, “Here at Vivify, we really do LOVE what we do. Let our team transform your technical support experience.”


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Vivify | verb viv·i·fy | \ ˈvi-və-ˌfī \ 1. give new life or energy to